In acute miliary tuberculosis^ both kidneys show the typical picture of a
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point of tile spiiiiy manometer coiresponiiiiitr to each !<< mm. li'j
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"" " "'" "'■ "'«■ 'lirticiilty in seeuriny; intclli-reni cooperation in the
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to allow the vessels to take on the office of depo-
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Thus, spoin.'y platinum shows an optimum temperature in its action on
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times need to be distinguished from this malady. In the former there is
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perf,.etly normal ,.oM,liti.,n. In the ease of «lan,ls not provided with ..
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* In repeating the ninth day examination in another rabbit,
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The diuresis produced liy addin<.' urea or sodium sulphate to the liloml
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' I'lpi'd crnssed striatinii and their prntnpl.-ism is much iiinre u:iaii-
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and much more collected ; the eye is less suffused;
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Tlie latter, however, does not contain any en/.\ iiic, its influence on di|;es-
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c.-iNily .liitaiiialiji- ami arc irivcii in jiart in Talil(> IV.
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iMnrclnn. K. W: Kii,"l I'lii-imiim, I'niv. (if riiii-.iUM Pi,.ss. 1917.
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pleural cavity, or syphilis in its later stages. The anaemia and cachexia of
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disputed points. The character of the lesions and the frequent association
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by the state of the soft parts, and is nearly parallel
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days of iodine medication, and depend to a certain extent upon a predispo-
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toms of hysteria or neurasthenia is simply the relief of a symptom-group,
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In a few cases painful red spots have appeared in other parts of the body,
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ventricular output of the hlood Ih, nmninil <if inirk llml Ih, hnirl Is ihii
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overstrain. Another class of cases, presenting temporarily the myotonic
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and mix the intestinal contents, and thus eiicoura<_'e the alisorption of
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iIm' process of inflammation the liMleocytes assemhle at the spot uhich
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disease, the suprarenals are intact. The cavity formation occurs equallv on
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