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glycerin. The value of the cardiac tonic in a given case is governed
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either as the result of expansion and coalescence of the follicles of an
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the limb be raised while the patient is recumbent, and that digital
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mentions one case in which four pounds were lost in eight days,
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were affected. I have information of one family in which two sisters
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lets and that in the given time they have formed less thrombin. That
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shrinkage of the valves may be compensated, as in the case of the
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Case 2. — M. K., aged 18 years, single colored man, native of Louisiana,
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auricle (S.v.c), (3) the body of the right auricle (Ra), (4) the auric-
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likely to produce a habit. Cocaine has high commendation with
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100, but she was pregnant at the time. These three sisters came to
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in the proportion of about 90 c.c. for each 3 gm. of leaf. The flask
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may be toned and strengthened for the work which is absolutely nec-
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for one year was usually followed by subsequent freedom from the
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deranged that the long ventricular pauses at first did not lead to its
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3. Searcy, George H.j An Epidemic of Acute Pellagra, Jour. Am. Med.
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pocket handkerchief. Recurrent attacks of this character may be
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tained an abundance of bilirubin and no bile salts. The plasma was
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of the tests. The blood prssure on November 12 was systolic 182, diastolic
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condition, which is prone to favour the development of the tubercle
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began in February, 1912, at the age of 20 months, on the backs of the hands
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fibres supplied by the affected vessel undergo necrosis ; granulations
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certainly frequent in this condition but is by no means pathogno-
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delivered to the ventricle and to the aorta ; and in the case of insuffi-
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time of the tests. The blood pressure on February 5 was systolic 250, diastolic
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columns gives the specific gravity of the urine. The lines joining circles in the
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sustain a frightful mortality. The ultimate rank of the Seine-et-Marne,
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it was examined. Since enlargement of the hyphophysis in rabbits,
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have reference to the social position. But all is not in favor of the