convalescents after acute rheumatism, pneumonia, serous and synovial

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which i was afflicted a yei i c with the means of my cure, I will <-n-

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Both of tin I »een variously treated without any mitigation. From

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English Chinese Expedition, and especially the enormous opportunity

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Mr. De la Garde to fill the office of President for the year 1S71, and he

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I have been able to ascertain) to appertain chiefly to the basilar and

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by the continual switching of the tail. The owner partially removed

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more bacilli than the larger growths. Bacilli, in fact, were only found

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were cauterised without touching the margins of the urethra. The

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November, i88g, to January, 1891, and the three cases previously

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I ; dysuria, I ; sunstroke, 2 ; burns, 2 ; concussion, 6 ; ulcer, i ; contu-

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rather dull, and lay curled up in its basket, but took food fairly well,

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the author's theory of nerve-action and the wave theory of liglit,

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virulence of which, however, has increased. In pus from an abscess of

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J. Alford, M.B., Taunton, President; J. Cornwall, Esq., Ashcott,

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Vincennes, propounded the question whether saliva might not exercise

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this tumour could be divided into three zones: a soft reddish tissue

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[These were inferior wines, but the host announces loudly that the guests

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ading my follow sufferers to your advice and sympathy.

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out of tlie six columns devoted to special disease. E.g., the Report gives

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During the day the temperature rose to 39*4° C. The dog refused