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organic disease, chloroform had proved to be very service-

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of the plainest logic, and denying inferences almost as

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Lawivnce, ;Mr. W., Lectures on Surgery, rev., 217; his

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the constitution, to the ruin of individuals, the distress

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Sir, — I am encouraged to offer a few observations in

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Harley, Edward, L.R.C.P. & r,.S.A., Ludlow, Shropshire

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ject which was a matter of doubt. To see a man of the

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this disease to tubercle, he was little inclined to use

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of this form of disease being very commonly, but er-

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But first we must remind our readers that the powers

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malignant pustule" — says Bourgeois; a remark which is

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contrived to escape from the pelvis ; but I was led to infer

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stead of calling such statements vague, and affect-

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Here, I regret to say, as regards the majority at least,

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F. J. Lord, Esq.; J. F. Mar»on, Esq.; C. Morehead,

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the patient. The overlapping fold of skin then com-

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stationary for some time ; but during the last fortnight

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Of the whole series there was only one in which the

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belter. One evening, when I was visiting her, she fell

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taken at diflerent times by scientific gentlemen, that we

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final recovery. One case of subinvolution, getting about

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