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throbbed, swelled, and "went dead." Even in summer the nands were

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doubtful.' The short bones, the vertebrae, metacarpals, etc., develop from

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membranes with a maximum pressure of 145 and minimum over 100, with

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tiuii, on tile otlier, calls to mind similar dilTercnccs oliserved in the sccrc-

dangers intravenous promethazine administration

instances are probably so rare as to make them negligible, but in any event

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SsrmptOIIlS. — ^The onset is usually sudden, and most of those attacked

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111 pniviili' siil'ticii'iit prcssiirt' tn riiiiM' ils cxiMi'tinn tlifmiu'li .'i iliiiii.-iiiol

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is normal, unless the dbease is consecutive to a pyelitis or pyelonephritis.

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other evidences of sympathetic irritation (dilatation of pupils) are rarely

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gout being excluded. Then it is important to learn that this disease may

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the first patient I saw with the disease, a young dentist, who had recurring

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do not often admit intemperance; the use of general terms, such as "occasion-

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mum is reaehed. after whi.d. the fall in l.h.od pressure heeomes less evi-

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ponderance of unilateral involvement, showing very definitely that primary

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a similar matrix. Henry, quoted by Prout, states that primary phosphatic

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extreme, when a dispensary patient steadily improves, even under aaverse

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.Many oltservations show this to he tlie case. The tension is reninrkal>l,\

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in considering Graves' disease one of hypothyrosis, and he also thinks

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which are not achondroplasia are rickets, then there is. Another question

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In diseased conditions a reflux of fluid from the bladder can undoubtedly

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itself and of the iiiii)ulses transmitted to this oriran by the extrinsic

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-.hiiek i> hy e\|inNuie and rmiiih handlinir nl" the aliihiiiiinal viscera. It

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Chronic interstitial nephritis is a quite frequent sequel of pyelitis, the

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The iiiiimi-tanee of an a<le(|uate ))ressuiT in the eoronarv vessels ha-

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iitratiiin nl' the iiinaiy cnnstitneiits in tlie IiIimmI and llie urine lias

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are relatively rare. The same man who would reject an applicant whose

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Etiology. — ^Distribution. — Hodgkin's disease seems to be pretty widely

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iioii, hut eoiitinucs to he secreted up to the moment of death.

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forms of the disease. The serious nature of the trouble may be gathered

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! Mills system (sec pajre 'J2*i) found in the lieart, iloes not an'ect it.