Michael C. Kreltzer, suddenly of heai-t failure, at his home in

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Mr. Lawson Whale : Mr. Norman Patterson asked me to say a word

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The structure of the heart was normal ; the cardiac

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conduction pathways. The results of these infections were shown

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the inflammation, but rather on the obstruction accidentally

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especially in the lumbar region, tenderness to pressure

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natural adaptability is due to certain inborn qual-

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admitted, four of them from the State prison at Auburn, three from that at

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congestion ; this may go on to hemorrhagic exudation. In certain

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the diseased mastoid. Had the mastoid antrum been explored at the

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3. The fall of blood-pressure is due to a vaso-dilation.

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" Possibly the diastolic sound that disappears, although indistinguishable

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and moral state is that of improvement, and the patient feels better

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is taken, the loss of flesh is much less rapid. The wasted

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of the hypochlorite solutions, and hence by the combination of

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N. Y. State Journ. Med., Vol. 35, 6-1-35, No. 11, 590-592.

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presenting the following symptoms : Headache, chiefly mastoid and through

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some hours, that the head did not descend, indeed seemed fixed, f again made a

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not to .say extremely difiicult often, to '-press the

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on cases in which there has been long-continued cardiac disturbance. In

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blood-corpuscles is interesting. According to Viault, Miescher, Egger, Jaquet,

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servatore, Torino, 1890, xli, 1-5. . Di una lesione del-

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had under my cure a good example of that form of hemicrania designated

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rule, however, that portion of the fascal mass representing the

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we have so low an opinion of the chaiacter of our own

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it with a coarse towel, and rub me with it as hard as