only appear with the cholera. 2. It might be said that
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a way as yet unknown, until the variolous corpuscles in th-8
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diameters, the ones chiefly concerned, were lessened by
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maUary System, purpuric hemorrhages are not uncommon,
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of the optic nerve was found, obviou.sIy t)ie result of neuritis.
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up after careful deliberation. These are called A., B., C, D.
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Journal, Jan. 29, 1910) writes a most instructive article on the
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plete infiltration with cancer nodules, and little or
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igh cure rate:* 96% of 571 males, 95% of 294 females
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the formation of increased connective tissue in the walls, to irrita-
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Case 27 illustrates the effect on the cell count of too frequent treat-
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mindful of the ward, and in the specimen does not wholly overlook the
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practical work. In operations on the tongue he had hoen
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diminution of the pulp. There are never the changes observed
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of the substance of the heart, or the muscular walls, is distinguished as
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whether an injury was not simply an exciting cause for the
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Lectures on the Nervous System^ — A course of lectures was
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Shober (Ann. of Surg., May, 1910) reports five cases treated
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they are now, and their shortcomings then, according to our modern
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the ipecacuanha be brought up within an hour of its
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sutures. I next gave an intra-uterine douche, and then passing the
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certain amount of manganese in solution. The saline chalybeates contain
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