Dr. Andrew H. Suith called attention to the fact that dia-

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We recommend this manual to the student of chemistry. That it has

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their nature and treatment, that any contribution calculated to elucidate the

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and consequently the finding of tubercle bacilli does not

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disease of the heart for a long time. A few days before her entrance was

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tity, and as the pulsations of the cord were reckoned during the intervals of

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small middle ear by the "closing phite." which becomes

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How far a repetition of the venesection would have checked the progress of

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under normal conditions. In icterus from retention, if no bile

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to seven ounces. Some allowance sHbuld also be made for the

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toms returned, this time being referred to the right kidney witli

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with the introduction of sterile oil he has found that adhesions

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two physicians, the two brothers Taylor, in the fifties, and it is

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butter-like ointment made with calcium bisulphid in

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A fatal case of this character has recently been re-

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orange, and resembled, in consistence and colour, the contents of a scrofu-

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the foramen ovale and has no relation to the cartilages

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the Association's oflicial recognition and as an integral part of

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25. Infected cases of vaccination should be cared for by the

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as far as his strength would allow, proved the best treatment. After this

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lesion was found : there was a sllfht glandular enlargement on the

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to practise, have met with a decided refusal. A leading French medical

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thoracic traumatism. He was constantly nursed by his wife,

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with 8 grains of boric acid to 5000 parts of water, as

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— A model tuberculosis dispensary has been constructed at

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it. In some cases, packing with gauze has also seemed eiTect-

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and somewhat turbid, and a peculiar, highly agreeable, ethereal smell is

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however, disclosed that the child could hear, but failed

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Pennsylvania Hospital He had been once salivated while there, and vvas

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renal cancer. We see stone in the kidney treated for

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the transmitting agent seemed to be the plant lice that infest

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3%, the normal time. The calcium chlorid lessens the coagu-

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trouble Is In the electric spsrklng device, which will be understood

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it well deserves to become historic. It was in August,

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the operation by making a vertical incision from the zygoma to the angle of

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the last point, where I was certain I could see it, a wafer was placed on the