acterize this affection when contrasted with ordinary colic. Coexisting

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constitution and previous health were good in one-half of the cases which

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defined.^ By Bayle and others, gray tubercles were supposed to remain

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charges in the vagina and uterus after delivery, when of course

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dation. Transudations preserve the liquid state, in this respect differing

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certain modifications which will be here referred to very briefly. The

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the face, anaemia may exist, as determined by i)hysical signs and the pa-

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Especially after operations, and instead of iodoform.

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ganing, elegant sleighing, etc. ; in Summer, croquet, lawn-tennis, etc.

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perhaps, generally proceeds from inflammation. H3'pertropliy of the

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will end in April, 1892. Didactic lectures are illustrated by daily clinical

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chial respiration, before and behind, over the upper lobe of the

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matter not recognizable by the senses. This term, however, is not limited

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distinguished by any unusual features save those which are incident to

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1.50 grammes (73^ to 22 grains) to children of from two to

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its functional activity is doubled, and, as a result, the organ becomes en-

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in the degree of inflammatory action. The inflammation has no special

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always of a comfortable temperature, is unquestionably true ;

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