if the bed is touched, next morning have a normal temperature
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be limited to the employment of the knowing faculties; and all
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nothing should be taken from the condyles of the humerus, when the
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structure of their coats, by which the vessel becomes dilated, and is no longer
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epiphysis of, 94 ; dislocation of in dorsum of scapula,
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with his name prefixed in grateful recognition of a
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test that we should hesitate to diagnose typhoid fever in any case
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mandy, is most instructive : " On September 25th some of
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tinguished lawyer, says the Medical Times, recently stated of the judges
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whether the attacks came on with sudden change- of position — as^ for
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the very earliest days of the disease, with much bronchial inflam-
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never make light of it. Never talk to the patient flippantly
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sentation in the society, and from a conviction also, that the
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casos de flebre amarilla importadns. An. d. Circ. med.
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occipital lobe and optic radiations. This is often associated Avith a
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her all objects looked yellow. In both of her eyes there are sev-
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In reference to the three cases of erysipelas in children successfully
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to pervade certain communities, and then the sense of
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This fact becomes all the more important in view of the remarkable con-
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our remedy, antitoxin. We seem to be still weak jing to match. Ten thousand units of antitoxin
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had caught it with the instrument and failed to ex-
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International Association of BaUway Surgeons of the
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Plowman, Queen's CoUege, Cork ; John Strahan, Queen's.
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of pathology distinguished as general and special. Moreover, these divi-
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and milk stopped; suffering acute pain in the bowels. Gave
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disorders of digestion, to anaemia, to heart irregularities, and the
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Urogenital: Renal failure, oliguria, renal dysfunction (see PRECAUTIONS and DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION).
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been tried in the Lahore district, India, during last year, of
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made with an instrument the opening through which he had ever since per-
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temperature normal ; death occurred on fourth day, apparently from heart failure.
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1895, xlvii, 125. — Daly (W.. H.) Some practical ob-
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be applied at once, but if there are good pains and
orographic rainfall is caused by
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maceutical department connected with the same institu-
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and air may pass under the dressing at the fold of the groin; if the patient be
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country, so that she has not been able to report herself at the
orographic lifting occurs when
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fuls ten minutes before each meal, acts as a therapeutic crutch.
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adapt this mode of dressing to many operations. I have used
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tions the aural channel is a very important one. Impressions
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and visual disturbances, etc., noted in the earlier stages are