How to Clean Your Yoga Mat the Natural, Inexpensive DIY Way

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Your yoga mat needs to be cleaned and sanitized to remove germs, bacteria, fungi and odors that occur when you perspire as well as simply when you place your mat on the floor of the yoga studio, gym or even your home. You can get ringworm which is a species of fungus found on frequently-used and well-worn surfaces. As you use your yoga mat you will easily see why the

Enhance Your Yoga Session with Essential Oil Mat Spray Recipes

Yoga Workout Session

You want to use essential oils for enhancing your yoga session and often placing a drop of oil on a cotton ball for placing in your clothing seems the only way to do this. But have you considered spraying your yoga mat with essential oils? You’ll get the benefits of aromatherapy but if the spray is mixed properly it should not bother anyone else in the yoga studio if you