The visits of Mr. Rogers resulted in his marriage with Mrs.

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especially in campaigns during the summer season, or in warm climates,

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life uncomfortable. Existing in a lesser degree, it is a source of mnch

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and to palliate the excessiA^e craA'ing for food by opium or, sometimes, by

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The 67th Annual Session of the Jefferson Medical College j

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tion of h'mph, is an affection of frequent occurrence. It is one of the

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ask their indulgence for a few moments while I present another

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purposes on a large scale, charcoal and quicldime are sufficiently reliable,

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young medical men, to aid him, by lectures and examinations on the

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cases of hj'pertrophy, is found to measure from one to two inches, and the

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Diseases of the Eye— Edward Jackson, S. D. Risley,

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rectum is, for the most part, empty, as shown b}^ the researches of

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officinal Tincture iron Chloride combining all its virtues with none of

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the abdomen, more tympanites, rigidity of the abdominal muscles, absence

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day, and have an early tea, some light food in the evening is advisable.

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business of prescribing medicine can hardly be considered as a

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CARN RICK'S FOOD for their nourishment during the latter part of the nursing

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While the above formulae have been in use, in private practice, over 30 years, and we could give testimonials

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ined after death ; of these ten cases, in eight the pancreas was diseased,

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influence exerted by the surrounding parts upon the exudation after it

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cit3^ (New York) during the spring of 1864. In man3^ if not most epi-

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to it per se, is uncertain. With our present knowledge, we are not war-

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afflicted with nervous disorders, are enthusiastic in their testimony as to the benefit received.

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characterized by a dry, peculiar cough occurring without laryngitis, bron-

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tion, for example, of purulent matter in great abundance, having the pro-

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or disturbed, various symptoms arise in different cases, and with these

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influence on the circulation ; whilst, by others, it is supposed to

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which, if the consideration of his health be omitted, was the most

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Ingesta. But the hepatic vein contains much more than the portal ; and

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I feared the suppression of the perspiration. I remained with him

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But there was a portion of the Inspectors, as well as of the

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rest an aversion to it as thus prepared, the hashed meat, or pulp, ma}' be

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Non-inflammatory — Acute Pleuritis — Anatomical Characters — Clinical History —

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An emphysematous condition, limited to a few lobules, is frequently

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The author gives details of 12 ca-es, some of which