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fication of conjunctivitis found in our text-books to-day
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60. It seems as if a black veil were drawn over the eyes,
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differences. In some instances one cyst becomes so large relatively to the
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The thermal death points of cocci and enzyme are widely sepa-
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“Shall the Federal Government Provide Health Insur-
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He will have followed the continual endeavors made through
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seem borne out by the results of the experiments referred to. The facts
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ciated with other anatomical changes. Ecchymoses are found, and also
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quite as efficient, and in many respects superior to the
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perature of the second day may be attained upon one or more occasions.
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are recognized, of which the most typical are the "round heart" (Fig. 6),
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later there is a marked cell-proliferation, the bloodvessels are
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treats of surgical anaesthesia, in which he shows that
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