Cancer in the domesticated animals may be classified as hard,

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Family Practice in an Era of Cost Containment (SP) 81

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hurriedly and with bad surroundings, in order to save

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the work of others or the presence of the visiting staff or strangers.

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Influenza as a Cause of Death.— The bulletin of the

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forms a sort of membrane around the amoeba. Some of these bodies

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vessels coursing between the surrounding fibers. This insig-

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Southeast Asian Refugees, see Intestinal Parasites in

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ilar attack of tympanic inflation in the other ear, which was found to be

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As these circles extend peripherally they meet the peripheral rings of

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erythrocytes. The leucocytes are decreased in number, the leuco-

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Freusberg's results obtain support from an observation by Sir "William

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cases of secondary syphilis, and as an antidote for over-admin-

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this exaggerated sweating, belonging to the category of diseases

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great majority of cases ; yet the affection is by no means absolutely hope-

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the most efficient prosecution of base development with the avail-

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are as many as 3000 cows, which are stabled, above and below

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hardly necessary to speak in detail of the efforts of the Board or its

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beyond the precordial region, forward or backward, with the

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few years ago it was proved beyond doubt that about 22 per cent,

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principles. Such a board is now regarded as a necessity,

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tion of the lungs is going on bits of elastic tissue may be found which