Food adulterations, including milk, are encouraged by in-
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pears to be entirely out of ])roportion to the severity of the attack
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P.M. : some light soup, with stale bread and butter, some
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forms of pleurisy are also met with — sero-fibrinous. purulent, and hem-
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swelling of the tonsils, even to meeting, the uvula and soft palate being
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success cannot be attained after examination and fair trial,
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dences of the latter conditions are to be found in the state of the pulse,
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toys. I remember that Lister cursed the spray. He said. "' I
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shade ; where it is pleasanter in winter than it is in summer ;
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typhoid has its characteristic eruption. Remittent fever must not be
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The middle third of the forearm aivcs good stuin]is, but tlie
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Proctor Knott made his celebrated speech in Congress, poking
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he must have starches as the material from which to replace
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James Paget, and Others — Edinburgh — Simpson and Syme — Ether
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first is to be accomplished by enjoining rest in bed, by a generous though
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cular douche of twenty pounds' pressure for one minute, 95° reduced to 90°, and
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13. There is very little, if any, evidence to show that nephritis Avas
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Type of Operation. — Improvement in our own results has
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the precautions of general cleanliness. The spread of strepto-
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danger. Ablutions with the naked hand or with a piece of soft gauze,
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dangerous to inject the serum; occasionally a slight reaction
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an hour, then every half-hour or hour, according to the condition of
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