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The following case will serve as an illustration of the occasional importance
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in the direction of medical study. The first of these was
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of valvular lesion. We are apt, in our own minds, to confound
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change, but only such engorgement as is common to all diseases of a simi-
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prolapse of the cord, seemed likely to terminate, if left to the efforts
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end, a broad membi'anous pedicle, running vertically upwards, attached the
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the already existing pathologic process in the cord and brain pi:oper^
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with blindness, first observed by Waren Tay, and termed by Sachs, who
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form of renal tumor has been excluded. A tumor of the fundus of the
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is perhaps identical with the former — and 50,000,000 of
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internal or external haemorrhage, as the case may be, with the addition of
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The presence of a large number of micro-organisms less
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Through this it was found to be a sarcoma of the kidne}\
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tion of the unfortunate prisoner as to her innocence, I shall pass over.
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manner that the brain which repeats this movement of the
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ington, it will not be long before every State will
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The mechanism of thought is so far prefigured in that of language that a
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is greater, it is not so readily stained by Gram's method. Spores,
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normal shape, causing him to limp. His mother says he
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catheterizing instrument. One of the other advantages
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supposed disease. And very often, in the worse cases,
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