tor of the Medical Bulletin, and he frequently wrote

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lowing infection inunctions and intramuscular injections to

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Carmichael, D. a., Surgeon. Leave of absence for nine-

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will tell subsequent results. Some recent investiga-

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all the -raspin-- forceps heretofore designed are of

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inverted uterus was evident, a large rounded mass, deep

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of tuberculosis, excepting of course tuberculin, which

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imperfections in the technique that have already been

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which such locomotives, engines, trains, motors, or cars are

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special proportions of the food, etc., for their own

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severity of the disease. If, on tlie other hand, the

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ing and perishing for lack of nourishment — what is

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absence from December 2, 1910, under paragraph 189,

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its surface ; if agitated, it has the appearance of

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measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough,

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Surgical Sections convened for the reading and dis-

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the right of the median line from near the ensiform carti-

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products, and is of large size, e. g. the rabbit. As

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valid to spend practically all his time in the open

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to receive proper attention, or because he'Svis been

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and that copies be forwarded to the medical press for publication.

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dition it does not at present fulfil. These remarks,

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up the tonic and the milk of magnesia, but at this time

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I^r. .Saline Simon, to Rooms 354, 356, and 358 I\Ietro-

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and seventeen per cent, in seborrhoea simplex. Thus,

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vals, the treatment being kept up for months if nec-

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tilled with yellowish fluid were noted. Its measurements