exertion the tendency of the gastric muscular layer is
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malarial locality such as the Isthmus of Panama, where Whipple made
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hemoglol)in, 65 per cent.; polymorphonuclears, 64 per cent.; small lympho-
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convulsion there is nothing, even in the initial stage, which an observer
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tion Friday afternoon, on account of the illness of Dr.
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sirable, in order the more strictly to secure evacuation o£
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with hyoscyamus, or sulphate of copper with opium, may be
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after the operation. It seemed very probable in this
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chronica circumscripta), in which the papules are packed closely together,
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and village throughout our state. Our public conveyances
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the patient had had a nice sleep, after a mild anodyne, and
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chlornitrous acid ; it should be kept only in small
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Jouett, Mrs. Robert Hughes, AMA-ERF Chairman; and Dr.
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these rabbits showed, in addition to the thickening, a sUght but definite conges-
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EwiNG, Charles B., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
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. The treatment of enteric fever by systematic cold
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surgeon who was not a thorough anatomist hhonld un-
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All the earlier inoculations were made directly on the kidney tissue
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cases of cholera occurred in a corporal of the 16th, and his child,
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the fiecpient and |>owerful odors which at present pervade it. While
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In this case, as the notes show, both Dr. Finlay and myself
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Michigan University recently applied to the proprietors
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support any view as to the cause of deformity in children but the
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air entered the circulation through the opened uterine
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the suffering to patients and the labor to of this condition in a girl of twelve which
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down without — and I am sure many others will agree with me
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""5. Weiske: Untersuchungen iiber Qualitat und Quantitiit der Vogel-Knochen
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lapsed; warm drinks were instantly given ; a full opiate ad-