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and translation from Yirgil's MnQvdi, i. and ii., or the Jugurthine War

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Alcohol internally. For poisoning from the tropical serpents active anti-

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(toxic) substances could more properly be classed with the chronic myelitides.

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1. Symptoms of Vasomotor Paralysis. — We conclude that there is a pa-

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(gm. 30 to 60). — K.] If circumstances permit, it is well to combine in-

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and unchartered, grant certificates to practice ; and besides the Allo-

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thermore, we know with certainty that there is an important vasomotor center

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may alone restore the patient to health. We should also pay attention to

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logy, Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Medicine and Clinical Medicine^

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cases is pressed against the chest. In the lower extremities the toes are

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laboratory treatment of various methods and the significance of the results. Prerequi-

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taking homoeopathic and " electro-homceopathic " remedies, and those still

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exertion, remained limited to one half of the body, especially the face.

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bite cases, quarantlrws. imf sela^ f»am ex^ftatl^is. /^^j wr «m^i ^

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Thomas Williams Lewis, S.B., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Laryngology and

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Dvint u wnuh the butterfat is sesa-^ted from the buft«r-^i1k. Mhen the L-une- has

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be held upon the same terms. Prizes are also awarded.

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A Veterinary Surgeon appointed after the date of our present Warrant, of leas

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accurate examination of the eyes is very important. Paralysis of the ocular

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William Camps, M.D. Edin., 4.0, Parh-street, Grosvenor-

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(5) Milk Clarlfiers. The purpose oi" the clarifiers is to remove the heavier

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25 guineas — £105 ; composition fee for students entering at or before

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(Stated in order that he may receive special instmotion on the point at Notify.

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child's gait becomes as waddling as that of children with pseudo-hypertrophy,

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in the paralyzed nerves and muscles. In all cerebral paralyses, however,

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before his attack. In a few cases (especially after traumatic epilepsy) this

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•or both of them may, by the special consent of the WeeUy Board and house

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that disturbances are particularly great in the distribution of the bulbar nerves,

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Rangell, Leo, a, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. A.B. (Columbia U.) '32.

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McKenzie, Rodney Jones, s, a, w, Cincinnati, Ohio. A.B. (U. of Cinncinati) '33.

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in medicine. The number of fellowships awarded and the amount of each fellowship

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added ) . Many remedies formerly recommended are not worth mentioning,

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of one case of Clinical Medicine and one case of Clinical Surgery, for