cocaine, and the controversy over the International Medical

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been suffering intense pain in his right knee, which had

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urine of the patient, is labelled ' uric acid ; ' but according to Pro-

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"The lesson a pestilence teaches, is not only cleanliness, but

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began to clear, and the oedema disappeared. At the end of two

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of homoeopathic remedies on the part of "regular" physicians.

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for surgery acquired in Missouri had followed him to his

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Case 2. — In company with Dr. John Perrins of Boston, I

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nosed as cancer of the stomach ; at the pit of the stomach is a

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however, of our present knowledge of ovulation, menstruation,

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mission being made the basis for legislation that was framed; was

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Therapeutics," "Loomis and Thompson's American System of Prac-

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ine derangement whatever. At the end of the usual six weeks'

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This is a most important fact which we include amongst

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The adoption of the new projectiles has brought with it

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which, and the purpose with which, this object is attained, largely

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lower extremities somewhat oftener than those of the upper. It is extremely

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tured Cervix and Perineum; Report of Fifteen Cases,"

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by contributing with a liberality, unexampled in the

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of being odorless, efficient, and harmless, — three prime characteristics in a disinfect-

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The nest ten years of Dr. Vander Veer's life were years

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quently taking a collegiate course at the Transylvania

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on each side where it enters. This bends it at nearly right

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man with a large head, a large capacity for thinking, and

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medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York,

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this time, and subsequently other remedies as respectively indi-

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(514-0 yards) remaining velocity ; bullet D has 470 metres

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orrhages invariably signify that the anaemia is profound, and are, with con-

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ated surfaces forming the original perineum and the vaginal

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single one arising from pregnancy. It is, of course, admitted that peculiar

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and nominally by the same author, was abstracted verbatim from

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staphylococcus and streptococcus infections as it is of polyarthritis. If, how-

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gard appearance. Despairing of giving her much relief through

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symptoms nor physical signs are then present ; but in many of

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