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nosed two tumors, in which, as it turned out, he was

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the sacral nerves. If opium really possesses the positive

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the influence of this locality upon the papillary move-

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enlargement in the middle line of the neck, just be-

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plained of, and if the pulse is strong and fever high,

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fore, and was rapidly regaining her health and flesh.*

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tions, retaining as much of the water, after each injection

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disease, to prolong life and make it a blessing —

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has recently publicly asserted "that the course of medical edu-

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states, yet, the dose not being given, others employ

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List," promising to send us a critical notice of them,

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Fisher.— In Montreal, November 25th, John Fisher, M. D.,

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have soon completed the reduction/' willingly agree,

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^^Resolved^ That this board reaffirms last ten years, and the brief record was

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nal, the physicians of the Southern States are not repre-

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anatomical elements, which may be under the control of

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narcotism marks the time when appetite and circulation begin to be damaged."

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of treatment for itself. If, on the contrary, the condi-

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appears sooner, and in some instances it is merged quickly into

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practice handed down from age to age, which have been cor-

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Dr. Ferguson then said: Mr. Chairman, the Executive Com-

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other minor commissions for their Subscribers, free of charge.

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