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N. B. — The editor acknowledges the safe arrival of the package, for

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In some cases there is difficulty in withdrawing the tongue from the mouth on

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Not only are exercises devised for the purpose of relieving the heart of strain,

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the mode of conducting the operations, and to inquire into the real merits

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authors on this point have been very limited. The only method which

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Chloral Hydrate. — Soon after a poisonous dose has been swallowed

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sharp, discriminating eye ; a hand delicate in its touch and movement,

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with AgNOg, he having found great benefit resulting therefrom.

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organisms than the typhoid bacillus, and in such cases, must be looked

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From experiments, very carefully carried out, Harvey2 and Hutchinson^

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conditions in association with exaggeration of the tendon-jerks. Thus in

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Conjoined with calomel, it is especially efficacious in bilious habits. If

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July 1902, formerly referred to, gives the four following additional instances.

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the 11 filtal cases above recorded, 7 or 8 were of this character. It is