fication of the vitality of one or more of the simple tissues of which the
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"SecoiKUi/. Hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart may produce cerebral
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pressure seen as a symptom in the more acute inflammatory affec-
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October 19. Brighter today. Toxemia not so marked as it was. Tem-
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based upon an investigation of the diseased organs." We, of course,
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with the fifth: this operation is extremely difficult and delicate, on accoimt of the
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dote in the proportion of from twelve to thirty parts. They were killed,
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tional creature, and particularly important for parents, the guardians of youth, and the young tliem-
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circumstances it must depend entirely upon its own circulation
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eight digvees above zero, sky clear and calm, and the barometrical admea-
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If a gouty person sprains a toe, or an ankle, matters, after progressing for a time
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change in the general atmospheric constitution to induce the necessary cau-
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is in itself an evidence of the necessity of such a publication, while it
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is sufQcient to occasion the majority of the general symptoms, in consequence of
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Ijy his long course of intemperate habits, that we are to neglect all
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These figures which represent the most recent studies of widely
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place of '!'e former cavity. My opinion being then asked, I advised excision of
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as a result of typhoid fever has been discussed by this Association .
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Humboldt, physiology finally got its independent institute. Von
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these patients died of the immediate effects of the perforation, one
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on the side not affected — Death eleven days after perforation.
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it is found that the average age of onset of pulmonary osteoarthrop-
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patients have been under forty years of age. But again, a large
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- ■ -i >^__ — — i^^— >^-^— i i ^— i i ■ i ^_^_ ^___ — ^ _ — ^_ ^_~— - ■ - i — ^— ^— ^— - ■ i ■ - ■' i - -i — ' ■ ■ ^— ^— i ■ ■ ■■■■ ■ ■ ■ i i — 4
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were then removed by the straight bistoury. The frenum linguffi vx'as next se-
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causes; the bursting of abscesses or aneurismal swellings into the vertebral canal
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to permit of his going home, but after being home one week returned be-
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ness in the anemia in many of the cases. Nucleated erythrocytes
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next low^est is that between January and February. Between October and
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the apparent size of the microorganism is affected by the dye.
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all exciting causes. In certain cases this disease appears to be connected with
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reds were 4,420,000, hemoglobin 58 per cent., total leukocytes 5800,
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into (1) those interfering with the treatment and (2) those threat-
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value if it were known what proportion of the cases of cardiac
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perature is increased by exercise, and sometimes by indiscretions
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minutes more it fell again to 150, but rose again to 212 beats three
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x-ray plates is not due to softening; it is due to a change in the structure
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very dark and not in large quantity. Abdomen much distended.
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times seems to overcome, in great measure, the morbid tendencies.
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The prognosis of cases of paraplegia, when once complete paralysis is es-
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alarming, experience with a polyvalent antistreptococcus serum, made by
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This goes very far in support of the doctrine, that the red and white capillaries