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In acromegaly one finds optical changes, glycosuria, early menopause, etc.

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microsomia also. The women are usually stout, while the men are very

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ization when the amount of residual lu'ine is larger than 150 cc. Unfortu-

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to return home for change of air, or at the request

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'The caloriiiirtci ntaiiis a coiiifortalilf linl ami is (iroviilcd with !»..

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subcutaneous tissues, which become sclerotic and bind the skin tightly to

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is flint of llaMaiie ami l'iiestle\ ,' ■ This sisis in liax Ink nil individual.

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cent. In 28 per cent, of cases of adrenal disease he found no history of

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,.,,ii,|iM-livil\ ill III.' c'as.' i.r scliitiniis M. i; . "f si|..Mi> wlii.-li liav.' an

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'I'llli'S is suflii'iclit to alti'i' tlir inllllriii'i' nl' rii/.> iiii's nn tlii'iii, Sinn'

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important. High-strung, nervous patients often do badly, and any such

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peritoneum, etc. The most frequent change is widespread or Complete

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vesical distention with air is generally to be preferred, and in the female

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vilnJ fii/Kii ill/. It is Usually ahout .'i-'ilMI e.i-.. and is i-epi-esented li.\ tl'

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to confirm this, and the arm was removed at the shoulder. Skiagrams had

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ceasing with the complete emptying of the bladder. This increased frequency

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bladder, gonorrhoea, nephroptosis, etc. The rules for general and special

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Hysteria. — Sydenham first recognized an cedema associated with hysteria.

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the patient so greatly that operative intervention is necessary to stop the

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see the patient for the first time late in the course of a chronic interstitial

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. sclftioil ill lllilll' is of suliH' I'iillicill illllioit;il 'rill" illf^fsliou of

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been accepted by the American companies unless supposedly cured, and

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coagulum, a change which the author considers the first step to

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The oedema may demand not only the sweats, but puncture of the legs,

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feiied tliroiiiili ii livinir memliranc contrary to tlio simjilcr laws of os-

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'I'lif ii(rc»il.v uf alliillintf tlio vatiiiii> siilijicis oi' llic iiii'iliuul fiirric-

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liilril III till' lu'liiin III' l,\ inpliiiiiiiirui's. In a imrinal pcrsnii cxfi'ssivi' in

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opium, in pill form, in moderate doses. Antipyrin, phenacetin, and other

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\:iyt Tie iiinei'mnst layer nf the wall is nf enpper: then, sepafateil IVnm

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