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reduced the mortality from consumption. All statistics based
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bly and in some large ones the death-rate has been exceedingly low. Great
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and his tests were made without the special precautions necessary to guard against
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separated typhoid fever from the plague and typhus fever and appreciated
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The temperature chart and pulse rate in a fatal attack of diphtheria.
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lants, rather than to the salicylates. In exceptional cases when the right
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filter. If the filtrate is not perfectly transparent it should be
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common than we suppose and in the great majority of cases is not recognized.
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as the general features may be almost the same. Enlargement of the spleen
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lobular. By the miion of a number of lobules small consolidated areas
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fatality of the disease with that of the cold or annual pneumonic season.
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days, or even weeks or months, must be introduced into the
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the mortality for 1897 was 5.4 per cent.; for 1898, 5; for 1899, 3.8; forl900;
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When we come to inquire into the presence of the medium-
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The committee for the investigation of B. dy sentence (Koch, Pfuhl,
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from the blood examination it is stated that if more than half the leukocytes
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bacilli, influenza-like bacilli, staphylococci, and streptococci being associ-
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countered, the edge being palpable a short distance below the costal margin.
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the existence of a renal lesion from the mere fact that the
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than one may be damaged, and in childhood multiple valvular lesions are
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according to the character of the infecting organism. As the bacterial
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another table, introduced later, may be a fair standard of
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announcing a discovery of value to the human race, viz., a more manageable,
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shown in the report by Bloch^ of an epidemic of typhoid fever which occurred
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bronchiole merges into an alveolus. They must not be confounded with
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cHmates. The majority of cases occur in autumn and spring; the fewest