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Two clinical varieties are met with — one following the acute form, the

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later none of those vaccinated showed any signs of a return of the condition.

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the capsule peels quite readily ; the surface is smooth,

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The activity of the poison had no doubt been exhausted by the

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great time without undergoing decomposition. On the other hand, during convalescence,

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Another cause of dwarfing is syphilis. We get no history of

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Fig. 17. — From a teascd-out bit of a psammoma of the dura mater, showiujr

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If the medical journals of the country, instead of advertis-

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disposal. The chromo-lithographs and wood cuts materially aid

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Dr. C. V. Keyn<h,ds, Asheville: This question of vaccination, to

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72. Eicker: Verkalkung und Steinbildung, Ergebn. d. allg. Path. (Lubarsch-

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Foreign bodies and accumulation of wax in the external auditory

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she is at her monthly period. Lombroso found that out of eighty

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II. The Special and General Pathology was clearly defined

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2. Salts li oz., castor oil 2 oz., ginger 10 gr., caraway 2 dr.,

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drinking a quart or three pints of the Posset. Drink while

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of the symptoms, two where recurrence was suspected. There was

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open shop for retailing, dispensing, or compounding poisons, or

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dominal section. He has operated on 44 such, all but

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stablishments, Inn the Battle Creek institution was rirst to organize a system and method embodying all physic

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modifications of this have been made. 1 Though the steadiness

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succirubra Pavon (nat. ord. Rubiacese), containing not less

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advanced phthisis, when the urine A\iis loadc^l \ith albu-

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The following combination is of service by aiding the elim-

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exposure ; it enjoys within the animal, or rather exclusively the human,

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* There is some trifling inaccuracy with regard to the name

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Physiology in Anderson's College Medical School, etc. 246 pp. Philadelphia :

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Head, Adelbert I). .:>•_'•_' S. Salina 81 . Syracuse, Onondaga Co. Founder.

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between the iliac spines, is dark red in color, cedema-

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on, Clinical Surgery at the London Hospital ; Surgeon to St Peter's

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them, and they will live it out in their homes, and that local negro school

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The duration of sleep is not uniformly the same with all men;

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the narration and exhibition of a well-marked case of

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