Mr, F. Marsh, jBirmingham ; Mason College, Secretary of, Birmingham ;
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day among you, and I may tell you in person how very grate-
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before invaded by measles, have to be taken into account.
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February .51h:-J. K. Dono, M.B., F.R.C.S.Eng. ; G. E. Twiss. F.R C S T. ;
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Lime Street, London, E 0.,a fiample of wool fat manufactured
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is marked by greater severity of attack, greater power of over-
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on Wednesday, Mr. Lawson Tait in the chair, the resignation
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only was there some indication of epidemic recurrence in
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Ik his annual report for 1892, in respect of the Newton Abbot rural sani-
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connection with the Congress, will be open from." Septem-
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differs from other nucleins in containing no sulphur.
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they do not altogether succeed in dissipating the obscurity
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lecithin they contain. The white corpuscles behaved like
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of malarial disease among opium smokers is proof enough to
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PnoFBSSORS KuNDEAT and von Ebner, of Vienna, have had
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Gidley Moore, Nelson Hardy, Hugh Woods and Walter Smith.
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workers in town and country, is well known, and is grace-
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long as the nerves have hot undergone fatty degeneration and
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lemia. In'iuiry from Committee on Medical Charities as to "wage limit"
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man practising in the same town, say, one guinea and a-half. This does
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never forget that one of the admitted anomalies of our hos-
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master about 2 p,m, on March 14th, when she admitted a lady. About
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the necessary outcomes of this theory is that characters
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the itwi i^r^' "'"^f ^,''™ °''''g«'d to have recourse to
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11th are contrary to fact? It is not " obvious," but indeed
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W-C— Assistant Surgeon ; must be F.R.C.S.Eng. Applications to the
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are no longer traceable clearly in the death curve, being
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f'henomena of the epidemic except a brief statistical detail of very doubt-
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within a very few years. Here the medical school had formed
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descriptions given to identify anyone of them, and we cannot
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definite engagement of the doctor by the person sued.
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Babnbs also spoke, the former remarkiua tliat in those towns
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been described since 1851, when Danyan= published a very
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Whitehaven being visited by smallpox. In Yorkshire, Hali-
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The cfiargefor inserting notices respecting Exchanges in the Army Medical De
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spending the winter in Egypt was 3G 6.5 mouths, that is, a
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titioner, regularly published for months ! Comment thereon is unneces-
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1. There is not the slightest evidence of an absolute or