widening of the alveolar arch was due rather to rotation of the teeth than
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influence the patient, differing very materially from other drugs
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M. J., 1897, xi, 18-20. — Woldert (A.) The difi'erential
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underlying tissues in bud-like or tubular masses, are sometimes
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months later, the right eye had been, operated on by
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fact, and only too well known. But now that our colleges
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B. Volvulus, twist, or kink is another cause, anil is most
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appears to be limited to the larger and middle-sized tubes, and
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be far more freely used than in adults, or in cases of lamellar
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unite together and form tumours that may be as large as a man's
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permits removal by intubation of duodenal contents. Absence of trypsin
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To distinguish the spinal segments after they have been
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original or in a modified form, and in undiminished quantity.
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taken down by the Secretary ; but Dr. Obendorfer, on
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of breaking up the false attachments and stimulating ac-
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site is capable of two different cycles of development, one
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of chronic diseases of the stomach. Ochsner of Chicago, believes that
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be traceable ; but it is noteworthy that in at least some of the cases the
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,|„„,„, \ • . '" ^'"1-' '"'^l -'D-MurniK „„„■,, ,„,pnr,.,nt
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made sufficiently large to admit of its being put upon sale. As
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inson, of Danville, Va., reported two gunshot wounds of
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dency to perform so serious an operation as Caesarian section
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with myself more than nine years ago, and was published in
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August 13, 1903 (two days later). — Very uncomfortable. No flatus
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exerts a pressure upon the fluid contained in the thora-
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elevation with a value of 185 while at 110 and 114 weeks the amplitudes
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baud has treated 8 cases of cholera in Indo-China with a 3 ; 1000 solution of
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males 8 oz. 13 dr. Estimates of this description are of course, to
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digitalis, and the veratrum viride. The two latter diminish, at the same
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but commonly is associated with periods of temporary recovery or of
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viously described. Give the horse a physic of 6 to 8 drachms of
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to his patient. If the patient declined to submit to
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Manson either distinctly states, or necessarily implies the truth
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enced dispatcher about this matter, and in answer to the
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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to
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inflammation, terminating, by proper treatment, in restoration,
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