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symptoms as they were presented. The pulse was quick,
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together, adding about ^ lb. of treacle so as to make a paste
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ed pending final evaluation of effectiveness by the FDA
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in the above title. This is not only one of the interesting
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abscess wall at its lowest point, so that the pus will escape as fast
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The air is the receptacle of these germs, and it is from the air that we get
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Bpirits they have unconsciously been led to take, against the
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sufficient reason for transcending the bounds of ordinary con-
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scotoma for colors (red, blue and green) . His tobacco was stopped,
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the joint, and pain on bearing his weight seemed for
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was taken ill on July 3 with headache, fever, and albuminu-
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This group of hospitals served especially the active armies in the field, and included the largest
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£. Journal of Medicine and Surgery for 1826, vol. 15, page 235. The
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should oozing be free plug the rectum." This he does
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fectant, since all are efiective, even the most opposite in
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except one is in the mesenteric border. The bowel was resected and
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sition of the uterus had been rectified. Among these
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enemy action or sustained while engaged in combat and related
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T.. 1894, XXX, 321. [Discussion]. 387. AZso, Eepriut. Also:
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long to enable surgeons to say whether or not theie
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that the pedicle was at first treated very much as it is now, with the ex-
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The examination of the mutual relations of celestial and terrestrial bodies, and animated
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seriously address ourselves to how we came across this
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other animal presents so marked analogies to that of man.
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ances presented by internal examination, or section.
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dissolved in sterilized distilled water, and sections of portions of tissue removed
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the welfare of the patient the constant and paramount aim. This, of course,
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and Mettler" in this country and Buzzard^ in England. However,
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the glossitis to which Hunter calls attention. Yet whatever the results
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and developing contact which might look forward to an
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so frequently incur by the administration of opium for
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lens gradually towards the book, she at length perceived the
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seotomy; while, owing to the uncertainty of the survival
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Steer, Willard F. Truby, Llewellyn P. Williamson, Charles E Mar-
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that the remaining living foetus gives to the already pre-
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Dr. S, II. Friend read a paper upon *^ Prostatic Crises in Tabes." He
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dence as to the presence of a specific antitoxine in tlie
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Chlorinated Lime and Labarraque's Solution, Quick Lime and Per-
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which resembled the eruption of scarlet fever was observed several times.
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benefit. Nay, even exercife itfelf, which it is my purpofe to
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dressing, and it will not be expected that he will have