no medical means of improving its condition or of removing the defect, it
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admit a hand with which the placentae were detached. The
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symptoms recur, it is better, I think, not to repeat the anodyne.
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ties, we shall take the old adage as an apology, and be
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tion. The head is stized nearly in its transverse diameter. The symphysis,
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If pure cultures are injected into animals, t^-pical lockjaw ensues, but
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being passed showed the uterine cavity to be behind the tumour.
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lungs, and diaphragm, as in natural expiration. It resem-
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animal, and the canal of the shell for respiration is on the left side.
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the cough are due to the condition of the laryngeal orifice and the force
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tional Institutions ami General Readers. Fully illua
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surgeon may be in solitary abscess, intervention is hopeless in appen-
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preceded by a sudden sensation of burning in his left arm — so
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by himself, he finds substantially described in Gross's Surgery. It
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as the spastic symptoms often predominate, the name
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a fresh puncture. Several cases in this series required aspiration,
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be adduced, that this is almost the universal feeling on the sub-
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month ; but the first confinement did not take place till one
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Fig. 202. — From a section of the intestine close behind the pylorus,
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house since 1905. In 1909 she suffered a recurrence in North Carolina
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onion, and cabbage, avoidance is simple. When a patient is sen-
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The service of the present year will receive brief mention
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Next in chronological order, comes the Medical Department of the
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Foremost among them was the bringing together of large num-
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especially within the past ten years, to justify the
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mined very much by accident. By the plan I snggest such
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results are extraordinarily accurate, but the process occupies an entire working-
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is a fruitful cause of laryngitis. There may be an extension of trouble
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much from the fact of the slightness of the determining cir-