1 Arch, de med. exper. et d'anat. path., Paris, 190-5, xvii, 54.

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cient relaxation. In the treatment of peptic ulcer the

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do not see what else it could have been. He was fifty-four years of age.

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a few drops of blood from a finger tip were squeezed on

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August 5. — Dressing partially removed. The layer

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the cricoid cartilage, and the first two rings of the trachea were divided; very

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of tetanus has not received elaborate mention by writers; it is probably

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the experimental vaccines of the time and the repeated dosing

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lococcus intracellularis of Weichselbaum, but the description

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kept together by four carbolised sutures, and the stump covered

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tected as permanently and completely as would have been

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It is believed that the patient would have died on the table or

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continued up to the crisis. As soon as consolidntion of the lung is ac-

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symptoms are the persistence of dropsy, and the gradual increase in the

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various factors of the open-air treatment is so delicate that

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presented the report of the dispensary in connection

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A careful study of the clinical manifestations tends to show that many of them

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would pace the floor for hours. He looked were each in turn presented as possible fac-

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in 1783, educated in a London free school and at St. George's Hospi-

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Treasurer and tru-stee. Dr. Forbes 'Wiiislow, 23, Cavendish-square, to-

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the proprietor uses me as an advertisement, and that

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for a time he was very much better ; and he could use his arm

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band upon the under surface of the anterior lobe, not far from the

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To enable him to see, he had been using atropine drops for

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In 1900, Ernst Abbe, the head of the Zeiss Optical Works at

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sary, since local anesthesia does not prevent muscular tremors