of such food ; but, from some cause or other, have failed
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and remedy for nausea and vomiting. See Levy, Herbal Handbook,
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The Medical and Surgical Reporter. Edited hj S. W. Butler, M. D. July,
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the liberatioQ of tbe stapes from the retractive power
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over wide tracts of country with extraordinary rapidity.
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tions of major type, such as hysterectomy, plastic work
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pied house which is being fitted up for the Indiana
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I am well aware that, as a purism in pathologic speech, the term
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dation. 'The visual fields were normal, there were no par-
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11 days, .84 inch being measured on the 24th and .60 inch on
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H. Earles, who concurred in my diagnosis. The patient
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to the turnips and grass to animals whose fattening qualities is
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lating the head of the humerus, from the fact that the bone being broken
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Our lecturers were not exactly stimulating for the content
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thick, irr^ular,' raised greenish-yellow mass, which gradu-
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cases of ' hysteria ' of the knee have turned out, where Ave have had
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psoriasis, you will frequently find that it is buffed;
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of absolute alcohol and 100 cc. of a 5 per cent, solution of carbolic
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commanded in the waking state there always existed in
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days, and is even so still in those of surrounding countries. This is
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possibly infected with plague were submitted to a complete microscopical
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tion of a modified system of antiphlogistic treatment, aided by blisters.
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On boiling, the urine became solid with what appeared to be albumin :
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is completely established, the capillary vessels may burst, causing
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1 Fordvce: Bril. .Med. Jo-ir.. Feb. 19, 1198; Am. Year-Sook. 1899.
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grains in a sterile mortar. Growth takes place, according to Bos-
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mostly in the air passages of the head. At first the mucous
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