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of the persistent high death-rate was due partly to the ignorance of the

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the second or ataxic stage of posterior spinal sclerosis. They

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sertation upon hernia, its causes, varieties, diagnosis, prognosis,

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of well characterised interstitial keratitis is now con-

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It was ascertained, however, that the body of the last dorsal vetebra

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covered. The child was seized with febrile symptoms

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or a few papules may show themselves upon the forehead and wrists.

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hypercalcemia attributed to abuse of hydrochlorothiazide

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Many English authors consider it a constitutional disease

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of Medicine and Surgery, 1888, N. S., vol xli., p. 190 ; Mills, C. K. ;

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The liver when overworked may produce more bile than the sys-

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This, however, A\'as not ahvays the case, as he sometimes indicated the

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Massachusetts, in all matters of charity one of the wisest

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18,238 cases of diphtheria reported by the Board, the complication

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servation, the valves may become involved. I am inclined to inter-

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bed and an enema was given, but the condition continued to

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to settle this point, that no one has pretended to give an account of its excre-

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back of the child should be arched outward. A pillow placed across

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The pathological character of the affection is not settled. Rokitansky

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nervous trouble. But it should never be used without first ruling

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muscles of respiration were generally called into action, and they probably caused

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substance itself, are in their very nature surgical, and yet in practically all

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" The occurrence of inflammation of the veins of the lower

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that these organism? can be isolated from stools of

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districts of two different water-companies in such fashion, that

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Ueadmittrd G mos. after operation; many "sensations" of subjective numbness Iwlow

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of indicative, subjective sensations. On the other hand, tenise may cause

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attacked. There seemed to be no explainable source for the

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deliver by forceps. A living male child was extracted, weighing nearly

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stances the cells bordering the stomata and covering

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Case II. — November 1, 1889, child, nineteen months old.

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tissues, and there undergoing rapid decomposition, gives gan-

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