Both the incidence and the severity of serum sickness are propor-
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rules which my own experience has led me to adopt respecting its use and
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with B pertussis (in Sweden and Japan). While these vaccines
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menorrhoea is relieved in the majority of cases where
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White, C. H., Medical Inspector. Detached from the Trenton
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conviction of the importance of a comprehensive National
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respiration is imperfectly performed, and at last altogether im-
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by Mohammedan pilgrims to and from Mecca. A detailed account of this
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the same. They consist of an increased blood supply, the result
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is excreted. In pernicious anaemia and leukaemia, and more especially i
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action of some irritant upon the mucous membrane, the patient must be
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distinct species of entameba. Although the small size
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mation producing an excessive amount of muscular tissue
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Ala.; Dr. Y. L. Abernathy, of Hill City, Tenn.; Secre-
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had no attacks. He then had one mild attack and none after that until Feb. 8.
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between the living and the dead is wrong. [.i.G.E.]
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a cold, impartial, and rigidly sceptical method of sifting them,
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speak with any degree of authority. It may be due to a lack of suscep-
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Dr. Reynolds treats only of simple and idiopathic ei)ilepsy. He
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tagious, for we know not yet that the animal poison which produces
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mycelium are about 2 microns thick, have refringent walls and septa,
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In the second stage (fastigium, continued fever) the number of neutrophiles