tions have a negative influence on the Huntsville pro-

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evening. The mother first ascertained that the child was ill about midnight.

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and too leggy. Observator, his annual remarks. Sir Charles

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FiO. 92. — Various cells, from a carcinomatous tumour. 220 diam. — (Arnott.)

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5. Alcohol. A history of the use of alcohol was obtained from 92 patients,

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the head was washed night and mornins;, and the ointaient was

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they are always fecal at first, followed by the peasoup-like evacuations we see

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and noises in the ears — are of general signification.

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and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. The

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Jena, 1893, xiv, 555-567. — Jaiison (J. L.) & Toki-

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A case of tabes dorsalis (?) with spinal lesion (De. F. C. Pursek), 2 Figs

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must notice their frequency in lithiasis. The various

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thing which he may have said in the hearing of others, or pubhshed in journals

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given hypodermically. The acetate of lead, given by the mouth, is preferable

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ill, and were put upon the platform. Four gentlemen

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does he subdivide his duties in the same way. The work which

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atmospheric temperature. The invasion of the disease occurs immediately after

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itory may be physiological, and occurs every time that the

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points, but such indications as are apparent should always be sub-

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receive a great deal more than five or six times the total value

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cessation from treatment no visible discharge is present; (2) that

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arteries. The immediate symptoms were loss of consciousness and

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as to their causes points primarily to the circulatory and vaso-

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this sort will enable the observer in time to relax his ac-

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tions were found by Dr. Simon, who examined them micro-

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since his sputa has been streaked with blood. The supta are tenacious, not frothy ;

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his vision and hearing now being dull and perverted; the pupil of