the disease. Should nutrient enemata not be well borne, they may be

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from 6 to 10 mm. (^ inch). Its body is thread-like, with a conical-

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The nucleus of this nerve in the floor of the fourth ventricle is in

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Handbook of Treatment for Diseases of the Eye. (Ophthalmic Thera-

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Nausea and vomiting may be controlled by the use of cracked ice,

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several parts of the world in a measure not to be explained in

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cases four deaths occurred during or immediately following surgi-

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should be strictly enjoined, owing to the dangers of a sudden and fatal syn-

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malarial and passively congested spleen with anemia, may simulate leu-

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(advanced diabetes, Bright's disease), not to speak of those in which the

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nervous dyspepsia, but are more constantly present. The analysis of

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Diagtiosis. — This can be arrived at by considering —

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Calomel and the salines should be given for the dropsy.

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the granular debris is absorbed, and the proliferation of connective tis-

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ciated — an arterio-sclerosis and a regurgitant blood-stream from the

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Htiology. — The causes of acute esophagitis, other than traumatic,

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in the opposite direction from normal, viz., upward and forward.

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of the alcohol upon the heart-muscle must also be taken into account.

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General Appearance. — The subcutaneous fat is not only well re-

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3. Senile Tremor. — This is common in old persons, and rarely appears

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libria! mechanism. The auditory fibers decussate in the region of the

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stenosis). Tenderness, localized or diffuse, is to be noted, if present,

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earlier summer months, and reports from various sources show

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ach or intestines, ruptured gall bladder with escape of contents.

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tific medico-psychical research. The science of Homoeopathy is

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pressio7i of the esojyhagus by enlarged or accessory thyroids, aortic

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her chances will average better than nine out of ten by any modern

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racterized by exacerbations, and even intermits in entero-colitis, while

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(headache, insomnia, vertigo, and delirium, with convulsions and coma

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a combination of these drugs in suitable doses, may be exhibited.

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The meeting was called to order by the president, Alonzo G. How-

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Treatment. — The general line of treatment that I have given for

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hold or neighborhood, and no known source of infection could be

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head to the side opposite that on which the paralysis exists, and the

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because they are more yielding, yet the same pathologic changes may be

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is reached than in any other cardiac lesion — a recent blood-

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Gowers, the more irregular surfaces and the irregular caseation serve as