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eighth day. The only case of primary thigh anij)utation in which

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133,952, and "operations" 28,438. The compilation of the

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in length from the top of the head to the heel, and which, when com-

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solution were used and the patient became strong and well

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painter s and glaziers are frequently attacked by it. .. •

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Generous helpings of green vegetables (cabbage, collards, turnip

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lymphocytes (PL 4, Fig. 4, h-ri) appears darker when weakly fixed, and lighter

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two parts of warm water, and freely soluble in alcohol and ether.

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stranded by the superior diagnostic skill of the nonmedical.

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^ dmnio course, if the nerve be destroyed, anaesthesia and paralysis

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to study several cases directly bearing upon the proposi-

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writer's other two cases, viz., Case I. and Case VIII.,

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ALxnouGH the yew Remedies of Prof. Dunglison has been before the medical

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inception, ere long assumes definite shape, and is grasped

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sensitization to oils and fats, probably because of the

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forceps the stone is sufficiently reduced in size to be either easily

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ance," consisting in holding the skin tense or taut dur-

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with paleness of the muscular fibrilloe, and disappearance of their

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table by itself. We have, however, no particular lesson to draw from it, or point

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action. When one sees a brass instrument that looks like

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tion could not be made under anesthesia. The patient's mind was

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the temperature rises rapidly on the first day of the illness, the highest grade

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due to simple functional arrest of development of the mental

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existence of fibrillse may be shown without the intervention of

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operator, and is applied with more or less pressure directly to the lesion

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and especially in our naso-oral and respiratory passages,