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could testify positively to the fact — as he wrote, when a pupil of Mr.
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thinness, and the breast-tissue remarkably abundant in quantity.
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diseases of various kinds, to compare their prevalence and results in various
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It appears to me that this evidence is not at all conclusive for the
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only accounts of it before the public, are in the newspapers. A letter to
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is invariably accompanied by a haze sometimes so dense that
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order to get rid of them. This is the view taken of
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8ti>ve, and withdrawing the foul air from the floor level by means
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Iu Loeffler's first article on the bacillus of diphtheria
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wise the weight of the instrument is increased by adhering drops of
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In this instance the plug appeared to have been of great service — not only
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the general condition of the patient renders it almost impossible to
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turgescence of the bloodvessels occur. Upon the application of
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45, who had been an out-patient at the West London Hospital during the last
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attention to the \alue of this remedy in chronic ^JaBri ^0 ^J H I lA sider the Liquor is an article of great utility.'
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1900 Paton, Edwaed Pebct, M.S., 84, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W
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pyogenes albus were found in the blood, but no streptococci.
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healthy. The broad ligaments were nearly bisected, with others of a smaller
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Knowing the bacterial origin of the disorder we may administer
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fever in boys." But he nowhere expresses an opinion
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human body, the recorded experiences of those eminent in the
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is a coincident htty degeneration, the knife-blade is covered with fat.
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