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syphilitic chancre. This had been followed by adenopathy,
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tepid, as is most congenial to the feelings of the patient. In this way
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It has not been shown that diphtheria is more pre\'alent among the
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berries of every description ; it is because the acidity which they contain aids in separating the
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interest. Nearly two years ago Lesser, professor of venereal diseases and
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tory, the lepra bacilli and lepra lesions slowly or
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exposure to the atmosphere the blood rapidly changed to a bright arterial hue ; under the
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lauds the beneficial action of turpentine, especially in
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Heiser's formula is, chaulnioogra oil, 60 c.c; camphor-
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and that, tlierefore, there is nothing specifically tuberculous in the presence
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with the left eye he read down to -j^, but naming only the letters on the
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or in the middle of the tliigli. Where the pain is the result
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was with him at the end. His death was a decided loss to the
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few of which are known, but most of which are pathologic puzzles.
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In the chronic structural derangement of some of the abdo-
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easy to find a satisfactory reason — e.g., constipation, liver
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since, a nominal distinction between the old and new blood.
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doses ; and often I have seen the most distressing cerebral
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the head was washed night and mornins;, and the ointaient was
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been so rapid, for, excepting the capitals of England and France, and a few
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Ana3sthetics seem more particularly applicable in the
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means of filtration. Several systems were described, but
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