toms and signs of pulmonary tuberculosis. Probably the latter always
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the cautery, he advises etherization. He states that he has resorted to
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more so on this account, that while they seem to add further
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of that niodifying influence, in this disease, which is so manifest in typhus
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1 sagittal series through forebrain and na^al septum of kitten one day old, fixed
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ci6n. Las c^lulas externas de los pilares verifican na emigraci6n
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Observe that the lesion (Les.) has completely severed the mesencephalic root
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vation are not identical, but show interesting deviations. In
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undissolved, it might be as a double sulphate ; and the pro-
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of much interest. The case occurred in the practice of Prof. William H.
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paral3'sis remained. But in these cases there is always room for doubt
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regular, but usually at irregular, intervals for many years, or during life-
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Articular rheumatism, in a subacute and chronic form, is frequently-
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Graves, and Wallace. The moduH opei^andi of the gutta-percha is similar
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weighed or too small to make a significant difference in the
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ment, were indicated. Mild cases required little or no treatment ; but in
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tion is the stage of convalescence. The scabs fall off, leaving the skin
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repeatedly, and remarked upon her audible respiration. At length Dr.
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According to Treviranus, the cerebral mass, both cortical
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simple eneraata or mild laxatives will suffice for this object. Bleeding is
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mal structure of the Mauthner cell as well as its synapse, and
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The treatment of paralysis from lead involves, in addition to the mea-
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muscular pains, more especiall}' the latter. During the first paroxj^sm.
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digestive system arc often present, and the general health is more or