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on altered nutrition of the highest nerve-centres, marked by loss of

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cram are not education. Too, bookish an education, again, may be

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English town of any considerable importance to be without

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in this way, and the more as such persons are drawn from the ranks of

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that diminished mental power which is the prominent feature of dementia.

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and from that day fell into a neurasthenia, in its classical form, which lasted

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extremities, it is advisable to attempt their removal by means of col-

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While she is asleep she hugs the child so closely to her bosom that she

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Payne, and Brocq differ from M'Call Anderson, thinking it impossible to

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are in virulent condition, are capable of producing very similar lesions.

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formation is usually broken up by stirring, a procedure that, as

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absent from first to last. It is to be understood that all the elements of

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almost daily ; the patient having passed into a " status hemicranialis."

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For a copious bibliography of the various literature of Diseases of the Hair, the

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eluding local irritation of the skin. Such agencies as exposure to cold,

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the position of the patient, helps the circulation in the skin greatly. If

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closely resemble one another. Moreover the lesion is in the one case an

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above ; and here also must be mentioned (c) the Partial idiopathic

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specific application of equation (1), paragraph 120^,

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merism ; and under the latter a large part of the present

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25. A few platelets of normal size and one exceptionally large one.

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full of blasphemy, mockery, and insult. Occasionally a persecutory or a

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infant, to swathe him in napkins like a baby, and to inure him to the

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the inner surface of the shirt collar. When no parasites are visible,

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" Lecons cliniques sur melancholie," Ann. de la Policlinic de Bourdeaux, 1895-6, iv.

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Council, but said he had taken physic and could not come.

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pregnant women, two exceptions only being mentioned by Kaposi where

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heat, affecting first, it may be, the ear of the side in which pain is felt,

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almost daily ; the patient having passed into a " status hemicranialis."

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pain and often inflammation. The central part of the corn is usually

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regard for convention becomes less, and he often thus shocks his family

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community together. If religion is the shepherd who directs the flock

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