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the very frequent occurrence of lesions of the larynx, threatening fatal ob-
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In the case of babies, to whom it is difficult to give quinine by the
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ferred to, from the fact that the nose had not been used func-
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homogeneous appearance; no fibrillar network, striation, cell or
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monia, B. ty})hosus was obtained in [)ure culture from the circu-
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measures to disinfect the hands and all parts of the person brought into
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or member of the society. The diploma of Licentiate of the Society of
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bility and possibility, what might have been the position of
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rope. She slid down rapidly, but her hands had already been
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necrotic changes are, of course, greatly limited. The
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warrant its adoption in special cases, and with proper restrictions, and that
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2. Hypertrophy of the heart, independent of valvular affection, has
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ointment of cocaine, introduced within the anus. The
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The muscular fibers become paler than normal, soften, and are infil-
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Normal animals have tuberculin tolerance, but no tuberculin
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two inches of the hamstring tendons, through two small
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June 25///. — Various dressings were tried, including ung.
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phate of diphenylamine, and then add the same quan-
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parts of the body, finally located in the back. When seen by Dr.
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‘Patients often presented with more than one somatic symptom.
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viijs, iiij<£. — Delyvered to Mr. Doctor Ridgley,
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