nearly six weeks, was brought for examination. Though usually very
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the Warden and Senate of the University of Durham, afforded up-
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right. For several da\-s there was marked depression and cardiac
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tion very often reveals the presence of sublumbar swellings.
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Northern, 2 P.M. — Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and Chil-
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and within its substance of tubercles varying in size between that of
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colour, ulcerated in places, and covered with whitish spots indicating
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tendons. A large spavin was visible, extending a considerable distance
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tion of operations for the cure of cataract. Probably, there are now living
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ble skill, and would say, if you are sick, go immediately to Dr. Root, who will cure
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towards the end of the third month ; the cicatrix is comparatively
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appearance of a peeling of the cuticle, rather than anything else; and
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usually limited to the hind quarters ; the hind legs seem paralysed,
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AVe claim direct representation — first, as a matter of justice, because the
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application of a fresh compound of sulphate of zinc and sulphuric acid.
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with the left eye. For three days the eye was prepared by bathing
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DiARRHCEA, Dysentery, and Cholera. — We continue to meet
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sense of his pre-eminent merits. His loss has of late been eloquently
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previous, evening, except that the murmur was somewhat stronger.
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mencing in the interval and running }i/i to the second sound. It is
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rather than an alienist, is portrayed in a way to make
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lesions we very briefly summarise these observations.
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Marked improvement occurred on the following days. Recovery
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on such long-continued violent and fruitless efforts to fill the lungs, and
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Many persons still regard the disease as of nervous origin, and
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whole of the small intestine from the hernia to the stomach was greatly
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pressionability, the deficient catamenia, and the constant vomiting
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had grown as large as before. The bird was brought here on the 19th
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membrane w^as noted on the left, and the gum on either side of the
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hypertrophy of the minute systemic arteries in cases of chronic Bright's
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present system of appointing members in Council is not satisfactory, in-
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after a week's or more absence, tremulous and moody
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ness, and, let me add, unscrupulousness in argument, give
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in 1S63, was the first fruits of a work written by M. Dunant of Ghent,
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will, both tempered by good nature. The tout ensemble
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owing to this success, his splint obtained great celebrity. There is au
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belladonna and chloroform liniment, with cotton-wool, or poultice ;
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groups of lobules being surrounded with red blood-corpuscles, and
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ARY LAST : and it is a matter of essential importance to the working
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puncture, the hquid left in the pericardium and peritoneum becoming
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