tering remains of alveolar epithelium were visible. In a case of

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autopsy Loeffler bacilli were found in the blood, spleen, and lungs.

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into half a pint of brandy ; let it steep for a fortnight, then pour

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glance at the subject, passing over most lightly the part

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treatment the first time. The left eye was completely closed,

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The hair becomes dry and wiry, and sometimes turns gray ; as the

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humanity. Character, however, with knowledge survive

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manoeuvres like artificial abortion and changes in diet that restrict

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from his reports of private practice, is partial to this instrument, although

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Authors may have from 35 to 50 copies of the Joohnal, containing their articles, mailed to their friends

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p. 20,54,) in law and theology; or rather, in justice to ourselves before

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No. 40. Knapp (P. C.) The pathology, diagnosis, and

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The respondent was the owner of a water-closet which had been

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paratus or optic nerve that produced this condition. * * *

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the compulsory law, and at the same time indicates the low

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should have a dry dressing, such as borated cotton, applied,

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committee, he thought them of much less importance;

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of some of the long hones, and esji^.-cially tlu- f^-mur, undergo

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precedes the eruption ; more often it accompanies it ; and it is apt

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Diflerential Diagnosis.— TypA/iH*, and Etpecially the Mtating of Fteet

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discovery was made that about 50 per cent, were affected by the disease,

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nodeficiency syndrome. Ann Intern Med 1985; 102:413.

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Disorders Mistaken for Hydrophobia. By Charles AV. Dulles,

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relieve the woman of her sufferings and avoid the dangers arising

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quickly and progressing to desiccation more rapidly, by tlieir swollen

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controlled by packing, and extension was removed. Infection followed,

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care doesn’t save Medicare any money today. Why not?”

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progress, and termination, furnish irrefragable proof that it has acted as a

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treatment, and the comparative results following their

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It is evident from the results which have been given that both the

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f)yaemia and septicaemia until 1848, and even since that date these terms

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has been said in connection with tuberculosis in children) :

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lous that we don't like to quote them. Thus a great

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drawn upon, favors partial elevation of the larynx. The trac-

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to the liver and there persist, giving rise to hypertrophic drrhods. Cases

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