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Dr. Kiebran, in closing, defined what he meant by .periods of

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unreasonable to assume that rheumatoid arthritis is due to

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dysmenorrhea. Not all cases of suppuration in the uterus or

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spores and some more perfectly developed organisms.

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p.m. the temperature was 105, and he was slightly delirious.

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and sidewalk. It is little wonder that catarrh is universal

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Dr. C. E. Qcimbt, of New York : Is It not possible to do this

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to prevent adhesion of the cortex. The scar tissue sur-

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health at Ottawa, is having a strict watch kept in order to

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general practitioner, and then become a specialist, that

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haustion are seen the milk may often be diluted so that the

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with knee-joint disease. Treatment, in an incipient

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to the iwtivity of a single typical organism. The clinical

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most excruciating pain, which was relieved after several hours

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ranted in regarding those periods in which changes are observ-

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Committee on Reorganization, when Dr. Connell, Pennsylva-

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ber which are acccmniodated iu ordinary times at the season's

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Croft, Waynesboro; and Jas. H. Montgomery, Chambersburg;

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before he can estimate the condition of diseased ap-

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National Con. State Medical Examiners and Licensing Boards,

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fragments removed, and it is true that they sometimes

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old.'* John Kidd, another in a child of 7 years, the

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hand in hand; the execution of the laws is too often defective.

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be unable to detect the slightly enlarged tube on bi-

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Microscopically the kidney shows the changes commonly

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but she did not attempt to give the conversations with the

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village of which he is health officer. Section 4424, concerning

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continued deprivation of fresh food; the quality of the fresh-

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infant and orphan asylums and liomes for the poor and

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water. 5. Sterilized milk; properly modified milk mixtures

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sence of the regularly-elected delegates. Provided that in case

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ing patrons, for God paid him for treating them. It

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Changes In the Medical Corps of the Navy, for the week ending

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has not been completely destructive and yet no improve-

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