3. A Case of Hysteria ; Recovery after Prayer. S. G. Web-
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Water-closets and Urinals. — Separate accommodations must be pro-
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operation has been attempted by any surgeon in this city. — N. Y.
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An interesting case, reported by Tanquerel, shews, more-
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able to ansemia is perhaps the most satisfiictory of all forms of the
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This would seem to indicate that there are parasites which possess
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death. On the subject of poisons and of misuse of medicines we have no
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of the throat, is a symptom so universally present, that M. Breton-
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Opium was combined with the mercury ; and of the two treated without it, in one
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by publishing the analysis of one good soap. Such a soap is
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in nearly the whole extent is dead, and rubbed off; the mucus mem-
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embolism, the occurrence of abscesses, the painful nodules that
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tended limits of this paper too far, as the publications on this sub-
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in a less degree into the right one. There was a small nodule
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peer reviews all scientific articles; it does not screen public health, socioeconomic or organizational articles. Although letters to the editor are
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to each other in action : the detrusors, which expel the ex-
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kidneys, pancreatic, and salivary glands. Quantitative measurements
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alkaline, and sometimes slightly acid, hence the necessity
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1893, 7. s., iv, 513. — Oibuey. Adams' oiieralion for Du-
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tinuous with the vessels of the abdominal wall. The lymphatic ves-
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circulation ; secondly, the multiplication of organisms in the
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tion, pulse 130, respiration oppressed, and face pale. The intellect was impaired, objects
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to the infected surface, the best illustration being per-
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others. But there is a major barrier to the flow of new
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irritable digestive tube associated with a catarrhal state of the respiratory
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She was then placed upon treatment with the static induced