day. The duration is sometimes extended to the fifth or sixth day, and occa-
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" The first assertion is too puerile to consider, and we only mention the
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21 (^.; potassium sulphate, 40 eg., in water to make 100 gm.
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Medical Association, only knew T how disgusted many St. Louis doctors are
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out effect.) The next morning showed marked improvement.
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medicine, our victory over smallpox by vaccination, was founded on
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cury and chlorine, and the only compound of these elements soluble in water,
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cases. Observations were made at 4 p. m., 12, HO a. m., and
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are unable to determine how long an interval existed be-
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horizontally to within fifteen degrees of the line of the
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a question as to the honesty of his views. In fine he carved out
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the level of the apex in the fifth intercostal space.
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tion and which he will report this evening, recalls
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convalescence appears to be at hand. But, although the ten-
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posers of, medical reform, have the same obiects in view, the
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sondere der Fische. Untersuch. a. d. physiol. Inst. d.
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no nutritional disturbances present; the muscles react