Health Bill,' very respectfully asks the Assembly to

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She then had a condition similar to that described by Dr. Cecil —

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It is this uneven fight which we editors are fighting and the ques-

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Conner, Professor, Boston University School of Social Work, Boston,

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the animal is to be carefully fed. In less urgent cases, where

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the husband, in consequence of the child having been removed from the uterus

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chapter on protective methods will prove useful to medical

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in all cases in which any doubt exists as to the cause of a paralytic affection

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exactly the same way developed scurvy. The so-called "exu-

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to beriberi was known. I have no doubt that Manson would have

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tion, and that termination of the pregnancy in order to

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have refused to act for the various clubs and medical societies for that city

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At its last meeting, held Sept. 17, 1896, considered the

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R. I., died in that city April 3, 1902. He was forty-seven

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body under a pressure of two atmospheres, the depress-

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It was pointed out above that the flier needs not only to fly, but

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found to account for those other cases in which as yet no morbid change

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this organism may retain its vitality in water are con-

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spirits of turpentine under the skin, which seemed to be of de-

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the structural elements of the disease, but in all likeli-

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arose from the arch in front of it, and passing up the neck

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corpus luteum contains the most active physiological substance in the

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Upon the skull such absolute immobility can of course

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A Compend of Obstetrics Especially adapted to the use of Medi-

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portion of 50 cc. of the exudate. For other technical points in reference to the

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should teach us to know exactly what condition we ar-e to

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reign; 2, geographical distribution; 3, incidence of mortality

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4th, university women; 5th, washerwomen. The greater sensitiveness of

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;rophy is common. It is said to occur in 90 per cent of all