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Dr. Matson spoke of the administration of ohve oil, which
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of the confinement, such as forceps delivery, retained
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Dr. Murchison also thinks it nece.s.«!ary to wait for
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falls, the lowest point being usually attained between 6 and 8 a.m. In
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entirely separate from the business of the farrier; the con-
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seems like turning to long-past institutions to say he
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that the tumor was a floating kidney, but more careful exami-
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reason to l)elieve that in certain localities its use during one or more
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find it should always be made, since, as already said, secondary growths
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of gastric ulcer, I may be permitted to throw out for dis-
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orderedo Among these preliminary measures may be classed,
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use of egg membrane as an absorbable material for this
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upon colours. It does not attack iron and steel. NH3 neutralizes
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ant value in medical practice, founded as they are on some
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tor (601) 982-8321 or send resume to Doctors Hospital of Jackson,
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tres of the Muscles ? — On this point I can say, from obser-
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flammations of the peritoneum, pleurae, or serous cavities.
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with one copy submitted. Retain another copy for proofreading. Please
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sionally for such further surgical interference as may be