On March 21 the heart-beat was rather irregular, and the
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Atrophy of the Heart. Fatty Degeneration and Softening of the Heart. Rup-
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is still very incomplete and unsatisfactory. Some of
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Dr. A. F. UuEciiLEK considered that tiie experiments demon-
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same thickness, one gets to know how near to one another the
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shooting pain under the ribs in the right side (region of
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were the probable causes of the bruises and, how far were
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at the same time have organic diseases. Better therapeutic re-
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its determination will depend upon the state of the
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and weak, and what used to be called (for want of a better
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M.D. i2mo, 344 pages. Illustrated. W. B. Saunders & Co. ,
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by having diagnosed the condition beforehand, will be placed in the
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one case an impairment of movement was noted two years before a
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preparing material for a similar Committee of the Scottish
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chyma which lead to a diminution of the air content of the lung,
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stomach. They comprise derangements of appetite, derangements of
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colic the onset is rapid and soon passes away. The gastric crises of tabes are
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their military training, and in the best possible con-
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injury whatever; this was attributed by Desmarres to rupture of the
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opments in the science of pharmacology and related disci-
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R , his wife, and a little girl. The man had come in from
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Microscopically, there is great increase of the lymphoid tissue in
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and tremor. He vomited much during the day. A probe having been introduced
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happened was. as I said, I lust felt that there was
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was continued until the 20th April with no good result, but the pain in the splenic
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next conflict, if it comes, will certainly find America in the same state of
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period may, or may not, become soft ; it is most often situated in one or
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